Axis Vapes was founded to provide what the vape market was missing – a high quality, affordable stabilized wood mod with the features you’d expect from a premium product. We loved the lifestyle, but hated replacing our mods every few months, and we were tired of overseas companies controlling the supply and quality. We felt like we were paying to be beta testers of sub-par products.

Of course there were high-end custom mod boxes out there, but access to them was limited. If we weren’t on the right social media page or the right mail list at the right time, we’d miss out on a limited release. We knew there was a better way to get a stabilized wood mod in the hands of the true enthusiasts.

Axis Vapes isn’t just a hobby for us, and we aren’t just staffed on nights and weekends. We’re proud to employ full-time employees to build our mods. Our goal has always been to have a steady flow of stock available on our site so there aren’t waiting lists, pre-orders and F5 battles for products.

As we prepared for full production we offered several smaller batch releases to satisfy the incredible appetite for our mods. These limited batch releases resulted in even more demand, and we continued to ramp up our production for our February 2016 full production release. We currently have four CNC machines running every day in our shop, and at our shop we only build mods; this isn’t a side project for us. We drop new mods to our site each business day.

Our mission has always been to manufacture a high quality mod, made right here in the USA, and actually deliver on our promises to our customers. When you purchase a DNA 250, DNA 200 or DNA 75 stabilized wood mod from us, you know that it is the exact serial numbered unit you will receive.

The best way to stay in touch and find out when new products will be released to our site is to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, and sign up for our email list. True to our vision, we will never have a list or special group to reserve or pre-order our mods. Our regular production mods will be available to everyone in our web store first come, first serve. What you see on our site is actual inventory that is available for purchase.

We invite you to learn more about how our mods are manufactured, and view our current inventory. If you have any questions about our stabilized wood mods, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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